Plastic extruder in plastic recycling system

Máy Nhựa Việt Đài 02/01/2024

Today, we talk about extrusion! What is it? How its work? And roles of plastic extruder in plastic recycling system.

What is extrusion?

Extrusion is essential to obtain the so-called pellets, which are real plastic granules that have been “extruded” – from Latin extrudĕre, which means to pull out, to extract.

This is an essential step of the mechanic recycling process that leads to a very-high-quality recycled material by using specific technologies.

How does it work?

Three different machines are used during the whole extrusion process, that is cutting-edge technology, which aims to achieve a high-quality end result. This translates into new, recycled products, which are both useful and functional. In this article, the focus is on the first machine, which is known as extruder.

The primary function of the extruder is to melt the plastic material, which was previously reduced to scales through a grinding process where a heated, turning screw is used. It can be a single screw or a twin screw.

Moreover, it makes it possible to remove the gaseous components incorporated in the material itself, which are generated by the presence of inks or contaminants. By doing so, an excellent end result can be guaranteed. Let us remember that, indeed, the more homogeneous and the less contaminated the resulting material is, the better the result will be. That’s why this step is so important – along with waste cleaning and decontamination!

As you can see, the extrusion process is part of a virtuous cycle – also called second life for plastics – that makes it possible to give a new life to plastic waste.

Now, let’s talk about plastic extruder in plastic recycling system.

Extrusion Process: Extrusion is a shaping process widely used in the plastic industry. It is the key process for mechanical recycling. Extrusion consists of gradually heating shredded plastic particles to form a soft, viscous paste later shaped to create new objects.

Types of Extruders: There are two types of plastic recycling extruder machines: single screw extruder and twin-screw extruder. These machines are used to recycle various types of plastic waste, like plastic bags, plastic films, plastic bottles, plastic sheets, plastic profiles, and plastic pipes.

Integrated Shredder-Extruder Combination: Some recycling machines integrate a shredder and an extruder in one system. The shredder reduces the size of the material fed into the system. The process is controlled by a patented double feed ram pusher system. The double feed ram system fills the extruder evenly and continuously. It enables various materials to be processed.

Gentle Processing:

The more gently a plastic recycling machine processes the material, the higher the quality of the recycled pellets. Thanks to the conical transition from the single-shaft shredder to the extruder, the material is compacted, and oxygen is reduced.


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