Squeezer drying machine (プラスチック用絞り乾燥機) (máy vắt nhựa trục vít cho màng nhựa).

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Squeezer Drying Machine (プラスチック用絞り乾燥機) (Máy vắt nhựa trục vít cho màng nhựa).

Generally, washed film can contain up to 40% moisture level and can be problematic for post-consumer recyclers. A typical vertical-type dryer can not effectively remove the water moisture from the light-weighted film flakes and there is usually 20-30% water moisture remaining in the material after drying. The excessive water content usually results in inconsistent feeding and low output in the recycling extruder.

  • 1. Feeding 

Feeding the wet plastic scraps by belt/screw conveyor.

  • 2. Water Discharge (Squeeze)

The specially designed short screw “squeezes” and presses out the remaining moisture out of the washed materials.

  • 3. Final Product

The end product from the drying machines is in granule shape, which can be transported to the recycling pelletizing extruder easily.

Main Function

  • For pre-washed material (coming directly from washing lines):
    Post-consumer PE film, PP woven, PP jumbo bags, and agricultural film, in the form of flakes after washing.
  • Reduces water moisture level down to 1 ~5 % from 10~35%.
  • Turn film flakes into solid lumps – higher density, and less volume result in faster, easier, and more stable feeding to the extruder.
  • Faster drying of washed film and woven waste compared to conventional drying methods such as centrifugal drying or blow drying using hot air.
  • The drying process generates less heat. This results in less material degradation, higher value, and higher reusability of recycled pellets.
  • Prepares the material for the extrusion-pelletizing process that follows.

Benefits of Using the Squeezer Dryer 

  • Increase Extruder Efficiency:

Increases output capacity and efficiency of the pelletizing extruder and the overall recycling process.

  • Improve Pellets Quality: 
    After squeezing, the volume of the material goes down and the feeding to the pelletizing extruder becomes much easier and more consistent. As a result, the quality of the end product (recycled pellets) also improves.

Integration with Recycling Extruder and Washing Line

  • Maximizes Output:

Maximizes output when working in line with the combination of the compactor-extruder-pelletizing type of recycling machine.

  • Special Designed:

To fit between the washing line and plastic recycling extruder to increase output and efficiency.

  • Workflow:
    Washing line → plastic squeezer dryer → plastic recycling extruder
  • Washed Film flakes
  • Washed Jumbo Bags
  • Plastic Regrinds

Final Product

Dried plastic granules, which are ready for the extrusion pelletizing process that comes next

Recycling Material

Post-consumer PE film (pre-washed) LDPE Agricultural film, stretch film PP woven bags, PP jumbo bags

Output range

300-900 kg/hr depending on material condition and machine size


Screw Feeding/ Conveyor Feeding

Screw Diameter

Ø 300mm ~ 350mm


Customized based on request (For example: USA 480V 60Hz, Mexico 440V/220V 60Hz, Saudi Arabia 380V 60Hz, Nigeria 415V 50Hz...)

Optional Devices

Belt conveyor for material transportation, from washing line to drying machine, and/or from drying machine to recycling extruder. Customized feeding and Integration and can done upon customer request.

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